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My Fruitful Voyage thru Womanhood

Archives for April, 2010

My Overseas Vacation

On a trip out of the country, I spent weeks preparing. I wanted to make sure everything was good before I left. But you know there is always something one forgets to do before leaving, and it’s never realized until it’s too late. I had everything in order. The stove and oven were shut off. I turned off some of my circuit breakers, only leaving on the one that controlled the refrigerator. I didn’t feel completely secure still, for I knew that something I forgot would pop into my head later. It always does. After checking my list over and over, I convinced myself that everything was copasetic, and resumed to enjoying my getaway.

It wasn’t until I arrived in the Bahamas that I noticed something wrong. I couldn’t put my finger on it still, but I knew there was something. Not being able to shake this paranoia, I phoned a friend and requested that they go by my house just to see that everything was o.k. Just to my amazement, everything was not fine. Already, someone broke into my home and ransacked the place. Well, you know that was the end of my vacation. It was over before it even began. I forgot to set my home alarm system before I left. I usually careful about that. I cannot even sleep comfortably at night if my security system isn’t set. So how could I have forgotten?

My security system has many features. A key pad that turns the system on and off, and allows me to control particular sensors, if i do not want the whole house on alert. Doors, windows, and even the mini entrance that my dog uses. They even gave me a panic button key chain. This is a one button touch that alerts authorities, in the instance that you are prevented from speaking. All this security and my house was broken into, all because I forgot to set the alarm.

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