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My Fruitful Voyage thru Womanhood

Contribution by King Dillon

If you’re like me, you love to enjoy the great outdoors with a few close friends. Camping is one of the all-time best ways to get outdoors and appreciate the kind of wild wonders nature has to offer. Camping can accompany any number of other outdoor activities. Setting up a little home in the wilderness and then exploring the surrounding terrain is what powers most of my camping trips.

We always go equipped. We have bug repellent to fight off our insect enemies, plenty of camping food, and gear for hikes. Hiking during a long camping trip is something that we all enjoy. We don’t stay in the tent and read the whole time. We really get out there and explore all that nature has to offer us. Thankfully, we set our home security systems (ADT ALARM pricing) before leaving our homes, so we know that our natural habitat is safe during our excursions.

I never would have pictured myself as someone that would love camping as much as I do, but it’s a testament to the fact that people shouldn’t rely on first impressions. Try something you’ve never thought you would like and you may just discover that you’re appreciating that activity as much as I appreciate nature during one of my many yearly camping trips. It’s great to try new things and discover who you are along the way.


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