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My Fruitful Voyage thru Womanhood

I’m currently on the cramming mode again. You see, only a few months from now my youngest son Zack will celebrate his 1st birthday. But up to this time I still don’t have any plans or contacted any suppliers for Zack’s big day. Urgh! Unfortunately, my preoccupied mind and my busy schedule hindered me for planning ahead of time and I’m really not happy about it.

Now, that I have thought about it and while I still have the time, I am trying to do my list and thought of browsing the internet on birthday party supplies for kids. My eldest son Aj suggested that we make it a zoo party theme and so I tried browsing the internet on different animal party accessories which fortunately the World Wide Web has a lot of it. I saw some zebra party supplies that are really cute and are just perfect for Aj’s suggestions. I also saw some paper lanterns that would be very cool if I include them on my shopping list. I gathered all the data and all the photos to see what my husband would say. Unfortunately, he doesn’t like the idea of having a theme related to animals or zoo.

He actually wants a manlier theme for Zack’s birthday. He told me to browse on website and check out their Pirate treasure theme and this is what I got.

This is a Pirate Treasure Custom party kit from Zuchers and by the look at it I think my husband will approve it. But honestly I find it the graphics and the theme itself inappropriate for my baby. Hmp! Well, I wanted a little gentler and cuter theme because that is what Zack’s is. Cute, cuddly and lovable! Unlike the pirates which for me is full of gore. Oh well, looks like my husband and I will have some debating to do about this one.

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