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Paris Hilton perfume for all women

Paris Hilton perfume does not need a lot of hype and advertisements. Many people know Paris Hilton because she is a famous heiress, actor, and a model. Everywhere she goes, there are cameras following her. This famous actor is known by her own brands of different perfumes as well. The famous one is the one that has her names on it. The Paris Hilton perfume is available for both men and women.

Paris Hilton was born in the year 1981 Feb. 17th.  She is a musician, a businessperson and a fashion designer. She was born in New York City but she grew up in California. She became her career in modeling in an agency called Donald trump’s modeling agency. When she got into perfume business, her fragrances have reportedly earned $ 1.5 billion. Currently, she owns 55 stores worldwide. Even though her perfumes are well known by majority, she has also created her own handbags, watches, footwear and others. This year, her net value was estimated to be $100 million.

We all know that Paris Hilton initiated a case against international perfume palace (IPP). The case was about a brand called Paris Paris. Paris Hilton’s company claims were that international perfume palace (IPP) was infringing Paris Hilton perfume as well as cosmetic lines. The lawsuit was filed at the eastern district of New York. The whole case was about their trademark. The Paris Paris perfume had a similar packaging and the ladle style as that of Hilton’s perfume. The aim of IPP was to confuse the customers into thinking Paris Paris is Paris Hilton perfume.

The Paris perfume carries her name. In the year 2005, she presented the Paris Hilton perfume  as her first product. Steve Demercado and James Krivda were the people behind the Paris Hilton product. The combination of blend of frozen apple, peach nectar, freesia, mimosa, jasmine, sandalwood, ylang ylang and oakmoss makes it to have a seductive and voluptuous sensation. The main fragrance for men’s perfume are sky air, green mango, white sage, juniper bud, basil, cucumber, bare amber Moroccan cedar-wood and fig leaf.

Her perfumes are readily available to any one. All you need is to visit any perfume shop online. However, the problem is finding an affordable onlineperfume shop  because there are many websites. Here, all you require is a computer and a data connection and then make your order.


Paris Hilton is a known actress and musician. She comes from the famous Hilton family who are known for their Hilton hotels worldwide. The Paris Hilton is one of the famous brands that will forever carry her name. It has a nice fragrance that will keep any woman happy and beautiful. The Paris Hilton is 90% original essence and 10% of other material. It lasts for 4hrs to 8hrs, depending on the temperature and ambient temperature. It can be used as a gift to someone or to family. If you want the best perfume experience, then you should consider Paris Hilton perfume.

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