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Written by Fermin Washington

I have to admit that I’m usually not a big fan on animated movies so when they come out I rarely go to see them at the movie theater. If there is an animated movie that I am interested in I will usually wait for it to come to the “small screen” and watch it at home on satellite tv from

The other day I happened to catch the original Shrek movie. I had not seen before although I always wanted to see it. I have to admit it is probably one of my all time favorite movies now.

Shrek is a big green ogre who lives by himself in a swamp. When his swamp land is threatened by development he agrees to rescue a princess in exchange for the king giving him the deed to his swamp land. Along the way he meets up with Donkey, a talking donkey who is voiced by Eddie Murphy. The two make up an entertaining pair and will keep you laughing through the adventure.

As it turns out the beautiful princess turns into an ogre when the sunsets. She keeps this a secret from Shrek and Donkey. During the long trip to the king’s castle Shrek and the princess begin to have feelings for each.

I won’t ruin the ending for you in case you haven’t seen it. Overall Shrek was a great animated movie!

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